Wallet Security

Detailed technical FAQs relating to Fiorin wallet

What is Fiorin wallet?

Fiorin is a non-custodial / self-custodial Bitcoin SV (BSV)
Web3 wallet with an integrated Ethereum
Fiorin wraps inbound ERC20 USDC
or DAI
tokens from Ethereum
as STAS tokens on BSV

Integrated Ethereum bridge?

Why use BSV?

Fiorin uses BSV
in order to have:
  1. 1.
    Near-zero transaction fees (BSV
    transaction fees are fully covered by Fiorin)
  2. 2.
    Instant financial settlement (BSV
    transactions do not require waiting for block confirmations)
  3. 3.
    Data payloads on chain for unrivalled transparency (BSV
    transactions can include arbitrarily sized data payloads as an additional output for near-zero cost)

What is a Web3 wallet?

Web3 wallets are the gateway to the next generation web-apps, where digital cash is used for frictionless payments. Web3 wallets allow users to securely store their digital assets (such as stablecoins) as well as interact with smart contracts and applications built on blockchain networks.

Non-custodial / self-custodial wallet?

Under the non-custodial / self-custodial wallet paradigm, Fiorin users have full control of their private keys (credentials). Private keys are necessary in order to validly sign / authorize transactions (make payments).
Fiorin (the wallet service) cannot access a user's private keys and therefore cannot validly sign transactions (make payments).
Control of private keys is simplified with the use of hierarchical deterministic wallets (HD wallets). HD wallets simplify the non-custodial user experience by allowing the user to control their private keys via knowledge of 'seed words' or a 'seed phrase':
Fiorin wallet uses the BIP32 HD wallet standard.

Why do I need an email and password?

To recover your assets on BSV
, all you need is your seed phrase (above).
An email and password combination is used by Fiorin as your bridge smart contract credentials. This is how you authorise sends (withdrawals) from the bridge on the Ethereum