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What is Fiorin?

Why not get yourself set up? It takes less than 2min:

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Why does my Fiorin wallet say +$ bounty?

+$ bounty indicates that you have been credited with Bounty. Bounty is free money you can use to trade on DXS.

To learn more, check out the below link:

🏆pageEarning Bounty (gas fees)

Is Fiorin safe to use?

Fiorin's security design takes into account the lessons learned from other Web3 wallets and on-chain bridges. We built Fiorin in a way that even if production servers are compromised, user funds will remain safe. Real-time public reconciliation of the bridge treasury balance with the total supply of wrapped tokens adds additional transparency.

The Technology section of the FAQ addresses both wallet and bridge security in detail:

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What is a Web3 wallet?

Web3 wallets are the gateway to the next generation web-apps, where digital cash is used for frictionless payments. Web3 wallets allow users to securely store their digital assets (such as stablecoins) as well as interact with smart contracts and applications built on blockchain networks.

Is Fiorin non-custodial / self-custodial?

Fiorin is a fully non-custodial / self-custodial Web3 wallet! Users are in control of their funds at all times! Users are responsible for making sure they record and store their seed phrase securely:

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What are stablecoins?

What network does Fiorin use?

Up to 200% of any gas fees paid while using Fiorin are immediately credited to your Bounty account on DXS. Once ERC20 stablecoins are in Fiorin, all transactions are free!

Earning Bounty (gas fees)

How does Fiorin have free transactions?

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